Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eric Jacobsen Still Life Workshops

Painting Expressive Still-Lifes Workshop with Eric Jacobsen
Where: Art on the Boulevard (in the Courtyard)
When: January 29th (1o-3)
February 26th (10-3)
March 26th (1o-3)
Cost $50 per session
This class is open to beginners on up. We will cover composition, color, edges and the use of expressive brush strokes to give life and energy to your painting. The atmosphere will be informal and friendly so come and enjoy a Saturday or two of still life painting.
You will need: an easel, canvas, paintbrushes, odor-less minerals spirits and drop cloth. Also, bring a lunch and something to drink. There are a couple of restaurants and a coffee shop located in the courtyard near the gallery so you can also get something there to eat and drink.
To sign up please call or email Eric at 509-364-0018, jacbosenstudio@gmail.com

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Marilyn R Miller said...

Looks like a wonderful gallery! I enjoy the blog, and the work. If I can make a substantial sale this month, I would really like to join one of your workshops.

I love being in your area! And a painting experience outside my area might make a positive difference!